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Cloudsplitter Foundation Grants Advisor Program

The Cloudsplitter Foundation maintains a Grants Advisor program to support the grants work of nonprofits and other organizations of the greater Adirondack region. The goal is to increase the number of grant dollars coming into the region from outside the Blue Line and to strengthen grants programs. Through this process the groundwork will be established to secure more funding and foster new relationships with outside funding sources.

Cloudsplitter accepts applications from eligible not-for-profits/organizations who wish to participate in the grants advisor program. Each chosen organization commits to spending the time required to work with the Cloudsplitter grants advisor to apply for grants, focusing mainly on more competitive and larger grants than it would have the time or capacity to complete without the help.

The grants advisor program follows these steps:

  1. The program sends a request for proposals (RFP) to previous Cloudsplitter Foundation grantees, and to other eligible Adirondack organizations. Those recipients that are interested in participating in the program complete and return the RFP by the deadline, which changes yearly. To get these notifications, please complete the form below.
  2. Next, the Cloudsplitter Foundation chooses potential participants submitted by the program that trustees feel fit our services. After this meeting, participants are notified of their status. Those not chosen will be placed on a waiting list, with replacements possible from the waiting list during the year. Organizations seeking grants assistance can also download and submit our RFP form to join the waiting list at any time.
  3. Personnel from organizations chosen, meet with the grants advisor around every 10 days throughout the year. The types of assistance provided includes:
    • researching grant opportunities
    • supporting cultivation of new foundations
    • drafting grant applications and proposals
    • guidance on participant drafts
    • submitting online applications
    • advising on which applications to submit, and
    • other grant-related activities
  4. Should a participating organization leave or pause the program, the wait list will be used.

For additional information on the Grants Advisor program, please contact Kara at or by using the contact form below.

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