Financial Results, 2023

The Foundation ended 2023 with $ $35.8 million in assets and $4 million of portfolio earnings, a 14.1% return on assets. We distributed $1.3 million in 191 grants and in 81 $2,000 Childcare Excellence Awards. Total expenses were $245,000.

Over the past ten years we have granted over $13 million, almost all to Adirondack not-for-profits. Our long-term return on assets has been 8.7%.

During 2021 we created the Childcare Quality Awards program that makes direct cash awards to childcare providers as they move up the five-step quality improvement ladder. From 2021 through 2023 we have distributed $438,000 in $2,000 checks to childcare providers in the three northeastern NY counties and the Mohawk reservation on the border.