Foundation Results, 2019

Increasing Impact

  • Created a Human Well-Being advisory panel to initiate projects that could improve the lives of our fellow Adirondack citizens
  • Hired a Grants Advisor to help Adirondack not-for-profits find funding
  • Created recurring mission support grants
  • Supported the Adirondack Funders’ Collaborative
  • Funded, with the Adirondack Foundation, a vertical study of improved day care opportunities

Financial Results

  • Made gifts and grants to 128 different organizations totaling $1,155,000
  • Started 2019 with $21.4 million in assets and ended with $25.2 million
  • Portfolio earnings of $4.8 million represented a 22.5% appreciation, and a 32% increase in the non-cash portion
  • 100% of the Foundation’s expenses and distributions were program-related