Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department

Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer fire department with 35 members that serve both the Town of Franklin and the Town of St. Armand, in both Franklin and Essex Counties. BVFD provides round-the-clock fire and rescue protection to 2,518 residents and 1,019 households, covering 232 square miles. It was determined in 2016 that their 25 year-old first-run truck would need to be replaced in order to continue to safely provide these services.

Each year, the department hosts fundraising events in an effort to offer quality and reliable service, while keeping the tax base low for residents. Operating from a small budget often makes additional equipment expenses a challenge. BVFD approached Cloudsplitter for support in purchasing a new truck, and was awarded $20,000 as a 1:1 matching grant. BVFD was able to quickly meet and exceed the match with donations from residents and pledges from the towns. The new truck was purchased and delivered before the end of the year.

Grant Analysis: Objectives achieved

Previously when responding to motor vehicle collisions, the department required multiple vehicles at a scene because it was not equipped with extrication equipment, and was limited by a two-person only cab. By replacing the truck, they have been able to reduce their fleet to one truck which contains the extrication equipment and 1000 gallons of water, along with upgrading to a 6-person cab. The BVFD responds to approximately 60 calls annually and continues to be the primary mutual department for the Saranac Lake and Paul Smiths-Gabriel’s Volunteer Fire Departments.

  • Project Size: $400,000
  • Grant Amount: $20,000
  • Strategic Value: Community support