Colby Foundation

The Lake Colby Association (LCA), a 501c4 “neighborhood association” identified EWM in the lake in 1999, most likely transported to the lake by transient boaters using the new state boat launch on Route 86.  The Association took on the task of annual EWM harvests, using Paul Smith’s Aquatic Watershed Institute (PSAWI) as the prime contractor from 2001.  Funding for the annual harvests came from LCA members and the Town of Harrietstown with one grant from NYSDEC.  In 2012 it became clear that added grants needed to come through a 501c3 organization that could accept tax-deductible donations and grants requiring such status.  “The Colby Foundation” was formed to allow for such funding.

Even with 501c3 status the Association and Foundation have struggled to fund the annual EWM harvests and benthic matting. In 2017 the Foundation was awarded a $50,000 grant by the NYSDEC but that grant required a 1:1 match, with state funds paid retrospectively.  The Colby Foundation asked the Cloudsplitter Foundation to provide sufficient funds for it to pursue the state grant and the Cloudsplitter Foundation made a $30,000 award. 

  • Grant Name:  Colby Foundation
  • Project Size: $500,000 over twenty years
  • Grant Amount: $30,000
  • Strategic Value:  Helping demonstrate non-toxic control of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM)