Lake George Association

The Lake George Association, the oldest lake association in the nation, has a mission to protect Lake George from pollution, storm water runoff, salt, invasive species and shoreline damage. In 2016, Cloudsplitter supported LGA’s Youth Watershed Education: The Floating Classroom. While some of the education programs take place in the school classroom, others are on board the floating classroom, a 40-foot catamaran designed specifically for the Lake George Association. The Floating Classroom is a hands-on aquatic adventure to learn about the Lake George Watershed.  The students learn how to keep Lake George clean and healthy. Participants investigate different aspects of the lake’s ecosystem using scientific sampling equipment. Some activities include measuring water clarity, catching zooplankton, and testing PH, temperature and oxygen levels. The goal of LGA Youth Watershed Education program is to develop awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment in children concerning the watershed so they are able to make informed decisions, behave responsibly and act constructively to protect the lake long into their future.

Lake George is used year round by local residents and tourists for many recreational activities, but due to its purity, is also used as drinking water. Since the clean water of Lake George is the basis of the large tourist economy in the summer that supports its year-round residents and a source for clean drinking water, it is important to educate about water quality.

Grant Analysis:

Cloudsplitter funding helped conduct the education program which teach thousands of students each year about water quality. In 2016, 2,249 participants took park in the Floating Classroom Program. A total of 101 trips were conducted for 1,753 students and 496 adults. There were 40 in-school programs conducted for 832 students, along with an after-school enrichment program to cover topics such as water use, water pollution and invasive species.

  • Grant Name:  Youth Watershed Education
  • Project Size: $64,642
  • Grant Amount: $6,500
  • Strategic Value:  Water quality, economic viability, connecting children with nature