Lake George Land Conservancy

About the Lake George Land Conservancy. The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) is an accredited not-for-profit land trust based in Bolton Landing, New York, dedicated to protecting the world-renowned water quality of Lake George and to permanently preserve the natural, scenic, historical and recreational resources of the Lake George region. The LGLC has been working to protect the land within the Lake George watershed -from summit to shoreline –for almost 30 years to preserve the land and the water quality of this amazing lake. As a non-profit land trust their work depends on the generosity and passion of people who love Lake George and want it to remain as clean and beautiful as it is today for their children and future generations. Since its inception in 1988, the Lake George Land Conservancy and its partners have permanently protected more than 10,000 acres of land and 34,470 feet of shoreline. Currently, the LGLC manages 4,524 acres on 47 individual parcels throughout the watershed, maintains 35 miles of trails on 12 Parks and Preserves open to the public, and engages with tens of thousands of people each year through trails, events, presentations, signage and partnerships

  • Grant Name: [1] Reimburse the transaction costs of the Wing Pond Acquisition (2018); [2] Twin Pines acquisition (2019)
  • Project Size: [1] $450,000 (2018); [2] $450,000 (2019)
  • Grant Amount: [1] $20,000 1:1 match (2018), [2] $10,000 1:1 match (2019)
  • Strategic Value: [1] The 159-acre Wing Pond parcel represent a microcosm of the Lake George Land Conservancy’s mission to protect the land that protects the lake. This project in particular represents over four decades of conservation work to protect sensitive lands in the Northwest Bay/Indian Brook area and represents an important puzzle piece within this area of protected lands. [2] The 228-acre Twin Pines supports LGLC’s mission to protect the land that protects the lake in addition to the added value of open-space scenic enjoyment, recreation and connectivity with other preserves. Working over the course of multiple years, the LGLC has been finalizing an agreement with the landowner, opening the door to a conservation win in the Trout Lake area of the Lake George watershed.
  • Project Status: [1] Complete, [2] In process