Tahawus Center

Strategic Value:  

The goal at Tahawus Center is to enrich the lives of all within its reach by creating a vibrant cultural community that fosters a diverse offering of arts, education, social and entertainment experiences for people of all ages.  Through its dance performances and instruction, youth workshops, summer education outreach and enrichment initiatives, their mission is to provoke thought, kindle the imagination, stimulate the dialogue, and strengthen communities through exposure to and experience in the lively and fine arts.

When Appleby Foundation purchased the 100+ year old building which now houses the dance studio and art galleries, it had been neglected and boarded up. Since then, many upgrades and improvements have been made to the old building. Despite these efforts, the Center still needs $70,000 to renovate the electrical service of the center’s two upper floors. Funding will also go to the removal of a chimney, roof repair, other electrical upgrades and implementation to the floor. The goal is to make it a year-round facility.

Grant Analysis:

Cloudsplitter Foundation awarded Tahawus $14,000 to support this project. Tahawaus has a goal to raise $35,000 to upgrade the electrical in 2017. They have launched a crowdsourcing campaign through Adirondack Gives and to date have raised several thousand dollars.  In addition, Tahawus sent a press release announcing Cloudsplitter’s lead in the project. They will be using Cloudsplitter Foundation’s grant as a challenge grant to leverage $15,000 in additional funds.

  • Grant Name:  Tahawus Center Capital Improvement (Appleby Foundation)
  • Project Size: $70,000
  • Grant Amount: $14,000